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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summerish glam

Rochie verde

This dress is from far one of my favorites, I bought it a few years ago from an outlet, and the label says it is from Zara although I do not remember that Zara have had such a collection. I confess that I loved it the first time I saw it and even now after so many years, has a place of honor in my dressing. The model is very feminine and sexy and is also airy being suitable for this hot summer days. Today's approach is summerish, wedges sandals and the wicker bag makes a fresh look all together with the raw green of the dress. Another matching would be with an elegant pair of fuchsia sandals and a biker jacket or if you don't dare too much green goes well with nude or brown accessories. 
Stay fashion!
From Romania with love!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

The maxi skirt

I admit that I am not the biggest fan of maxi skirts that's the reason I only have two. One  is an absolutely gorgeous azure blue for which I must change the lining because it was designed with the thickest lining of the most synthetic fabric ever. I hate things half done like ecological leather leggings for example whose back side is made from a different fabric then front side,  also the sequins tops again some manufactures are using sequins just for the front side and t-shirt fabric for the back side and such examples are many; as the  behind is not part of us. The second one is black, the one from the below images, I also love it because it has a straight cut and has pockets, I just adore skirts or dresses with pockets it just creates a relaxing attitude. To return now to the original subject, the maxi skirts are very practical in the summer especially when is very hot they are very cool and comfortable and with the right accessory can become very stylish they also can be worn in a classic style, glam, Victorian or Boohoo depends on the fabric and cut. With more details about each individual style I will be back in my further posts.
Today I'm wearing a Bershka  maxi skirt, a ZARA white basic top , also ZARA golden platform, a vintage black bag and a emerald  green necklace.
From Romania with love!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ange ou démon

And because my heart has been quite "heavy" lately, today I will write ... nothing. I'll let the song and the images to speak up for me.
Love hugs for all! <3

Si pentru ca sufletul mi-a fost foarte incarcat in ultima perioada azi voi scrie... nimic. Voi lasa ca melodia si imaginile sa va vorbeasca in locul meu.
Va imbratisez cu drag! <3

Photography by ANDREEA TALIN

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