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Friday, 3 July 2015

Palma de Mallorca

My first holiday in Spain, in Palma de Mallorca to be more precise was one of a kind experience. Although I was "warned" about the beauty of Spain the reality surprised me even more. From the architectural mix of buildings and houses which are combined in a perfect harmony; the Spanish typical houses with long winding stairs stone, white walls placed on narrow streets to the imposing villas equipped with every modern convenience and luxury of this century, among whom towering triumphing the Mallorca Catedral a gothic masterpiece. From exclusive beaches with noisy parties which do not seem to fade to those withdrawn and quiet where the silence is only disturbed by the waves that break over the rocks. From typical traditional restaurants serving the best, the freshest and tastiest tapas and paella to the house a la carte. From the port area where you will find the finest cafes and lounge / piano bars to the immoral Magaluf where bars and clubs are lined up whereof have nothing good to say.
The purpose of this holiday was due wedding of my best friend to whom I wish once again happy marriage and all the happiness in the world. I had a particularly important role in this wedding, giving me the honor to be her bridesmaid, the only one in fact :). The colors of the wedding were orange and yellow so I was conditioned to wear a yellow dress matching the best men ties. Although initially the idea of wearing yellow did not excited me I must admit now I love this color. The model is one that I created and achieved with lots of hard work and stress by my seamstress whose now having grey hairs : P. I still let you enjoy sight with photos that speak for themselves and delight your hearing with the Spanish guitar.
From Romania with love!

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